The Psychology of Color: For Every Room in Your House

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f you’ve ever wondered why you feel relaxed and comfortable in one space and tense or angry in another, it may have to do with the color of the room you’re in. Color actually influences our emotions and perceptions on an unconscious level – as any good marketer knows.

Next time you’re at a fast food restaurant, take note of the color scheme. Most of them will be red, orange or yellow, which are colors that generally make people feel energized, happy and in a hurry.

Fast food colors.png


Coffee shops and bistros will often use brown, green, and other earthy tones, as these colors make people feel relaxed and comfortable – and because they are found in nature, these hues represent healthy eating.

Speaking of eating, color psychology works on food, too. Consider this: would you eat green bread? How about orange milk? Additionally, the packaging of food is well planned to ensure that it clearly represents the taste of the food itself. A bag of frozen peas that is predominantly purple and yellow isn’t that appetizing.

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